>> Is INQB8R similar to a (net) label?
Is INQB8R similar to a (net) label?

50/50. In a common term, labels have slavery contracts often telling musicians how their music should sound and what they are supposed to do to attract more and more audience to make more and more money for them. Net labels deal with no contract, with no money, but they are so many around, and mostly they exist for a few years (or even months), then disappear or exhaust themselves because of a genre limitation, let's say a limitation of a musical knowledge by the technical, not the soulful side of music. Not the best way to follow!

Despite we have an agreement with musicians looking for the official document on hand, our main deal is a stable human word. Additionally, we accept that You may release Your music published with us anywhere else, and we would be even happy if You progress with that! Our goal is only to present Your music yet to another part of the audience. Your copyright always belongs to You, at the time dealing with a label often means those guys own all Your publishing rights. On the other hand, we agree to publish something which has been already published; the most important here, is it must be the music which is the part of You!

Because all of the above, we prefer to call INQB8R a "music gallery". It's like when being an artist, You look for a space to present your paintings; with us, being a musician, You present Your showcase of audio paintings the same way. The difference for the end listener is that that gallery is always open, and besides just a simple presentation, You get the official mark in Your discography, since Your music is presented with an artwork and all the extra information like for a regular audio release. Instantly growing, INQB8R is visited even by more and more people each day; and releasing with us, You actually get Your own portrait in music. That's why just calling it "net label" or "label" may be wrong, because we don't follow a regular labeling tactics, paying attention to the individual side of each author, not the overall genre or branding mechanism.

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