>> What kind of music INQB8R prefers to release?
What kind of music INQB8R prefers to release?

We couldn't say precisely by which criterias Your music may be accepted for publishing in our gallery. We have no genre, age and sound limitations, and we will select Your music only taking into attention our own strategy which is hard to explain in general, because we care of each individual case. But Your music should definitely have part of Your life inside of it, it should breathe, it should let us know Your idea, it should say Your Word in sound, it should be personal, recognizable, like you are speaking to each listener separately, there should be something more than just a music behind of it. The main instrument of its composition should be You, and Your release should be some way "condenced", like music for a day, music for a pleasant mood moments, brought to the listener in the most native form. We could answer only "yes" or "no" after listening to what You have created. So You need to make Your step first and contact us, informing us where and how could we listen to the examples of Your work which we could consider for publishing in our showcase. In other words, if You think Your music qualifies, You are welcome!

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