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...on our community page, where You can experience democracy in action and give any kind of questions, suggestions, comment and other important stuff. For example, there you might additionally know What the title "INQB8R" means or Who stands behind INQB8R, as well as enjoy the other kind of pulp fiction.

« What is INQB8R?
« What is INQB8R's targeting audience?
« Why musicians are interested to release with INQB8R?
« Is INQB8R similar to a (net) label?
« What benefits gives our release to You as the musician?
« What kind of music INQB8R prefers to release?
« What it means "to be released"?
« Where are INQB8R profits?
« Where is INQB8R geographically situated?
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