>> What benefits gives our release to You as the musician?
What benefits gives our release to You as the musician?

Having something final is important, for Yourself. It makes Your hands free some way, and that opens a new door in Your musical achievement. All our releases are final.

Giving something for free also means You rate Your life and Your music from the non-traditional point of view. Most likely such people are often called "open minded". You gain more respect and Your music reaches more importance, if they see You are working not just for a banking system.

INQB8R is similar to the foundation publishing Your music in their catalogue, that's why Your release always belongs to Your official discography and will be inserted by us into the largest community-built database of music information, Discogs. That is the main benefit we inherit from a "label"; in other cases, we do not label Your music and don't try to dramatically change it following our own principles. All musicians invited already have their own charisma, so we just help to organize the music for a pleasant and deeply conceptual listening, or choosing and arranging tracks in the special order, or helping with audio mastering, or making a graphical cover for Your work, or alltogether; we also publish our description (review) of Your work and Your Bio. When published, our releases are reviewed by most respectful webzines in European Union and Russia ("Vital Weekly", "Prolix Music", "Soundproector" a.o.). Reaching more releases, we have plans to co-operate with All Music Guide.

All website is presented in English to gain more delightful audience; break down Your insufficiency and be available to a wide crowd. Musicians from all over the world are welcome; we specially invite musicians from the "3rd world" or post-USSR countries, which strictly present part of their native culture or explore the new horizons in the existing music theories. We hope to collaborate both with incoming and already reputated composers. Your work should be not only different to the current releases we have, it should include part of Your soul and it should differ from other releases of the similar genre, if You follow the genre strategies. That way, another benefit of our catalogue is its different colors, different sides. Publishing in our gallery means joining the community of very various gifted musicians, but being recognized amongst them at the same time.

Additionally be prepared to the massive advertisement of Your project by ourselves, we will mention it in the possible interviews, or on our Community page; on our Murdock's Space profile, we add all musicians having profiles to our Friends list, and only first 36 of them are available to display now on the first page of our profile. Hurry to take Your space!

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