>> Where are INQB8R profits?
Where are INQB8R profits?

They say often, the best things in this world You get for free; on the other hand, if You get something for free, somebody already has paid for it. We invest our working time, money and efforts in this project, that way we pay for it; You invest Your own music and image, that way You pay for it; people download Your music and do not pay a cent: because we've already paid for it.

Not everything in this world should be done because of money.

We do not make financial profits on INQB8R, and we do not have plans to charge for downloads. In the future, whatever possible profit we make from other parts of the project, for example to hold hosting services or programming support, should not be related to the commercial distribution without permission. For example, if we decide to release a "material" copy of some music published on INQB8R website, CD, DVD, vinyl or whatever (at least we have such plans!), we will create legal contracts with all the musicians involved on the officially registered foundation status. This is just a matter of time how this project grows and how long it will exist; we are just interested to keep it as long as possible, exploring our own musical knowledge.

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