"INQB8R" Free Distribution agreement

This is a legal agreement regarding the online music gallery "INQB8R" and You, the Artist under the moniker "_________________________________", and real name(s): ___________________________________ . This agreement is valid only when undersigned by both aforementioned parties. One copy of that agreement is kept by You, and the other by INQB8R. This is completely free will agreement.

Here and further, "INQB8R" is a group of enthusiast individuals which is created with the goal to support and advertise musicians at no charge, and provide listeners free music downloads in MP3 format. INQB8R releases are published on the website www.inqb8r.net under Creative Commons License terms: http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-nd/2.5/

"Material", or Release, stands for the music You supply in any kind of audio ormat, which is finally converted to MP3 format and distributed in such format; also as for any kind of artwork and the other additional content, which could be reproduced amongst the audio Release.

Under publishing of Your Material it is meant that:

  1. INQB8R will not sell Your Material nor use Your material in any commercial way without Your permission. Whatever INQB8R does, is publishing Your Material in the gallery and presenting it on the website following INQB8R's strategy. Each Release could consist of any kind of web multimedia presentation, incl. audio files, graphics, videos. All terms regarding the music itself are mentioned under Creative Commons License. In all cases, Your copyright always belongs to You, and any involved party's copyright belongs to such party.
  2. INQB8R is allowed to use any kind of legal promotion methods to advertise Your Material, following Creative Commons License.
  3. INQB8R reserves the right to release audio tracks as-is, or in edited/mastered by INQB8R form under Your permission to comply with the INQB8R's strategy.
  4. INQB8R reserves the right to keep the released Material available online in a Lifetime term.
  5. Release graphics cover and other kind of multimedia files and/or additional release content created exclusively by INQB8R, are the intellectual property of INQB8R and could be reproduced in other sources only with the special permission of INQB8R.
  6. Complete cover graphics (photos, logos, etc...) provided by You and related to the release, or any kind of INQB8R promotion, remains the property of You. All proper Credits information may be provided in INQB8R's Release, incl. external weblinks, name and surname, contact information etc. If in the graphics there were used elements copyrighted by other authors, all authors may be mentioned, though the final version of the combined graphics may be considered as the publishing property of INQB8R.
  7. The copyright of all music and accompanying work remains with You, and therefore INQB8R allows You to release or publish Your music on another label, or gallery, or other kind of music division, even if the material is the same and even if You will profit on it. In that case, You are allowed to use any kind of the content created by INQB8R only as mentioned in #5 above.
  8. You are fully responsible for the content of Your work, incl. the usage of samples, loops and other material which could be copyrighted by third parties. INQB8R cannot be held responsible for the content offered by You, as it is also covered by Creative Commons License. In any case of copyright violation from Your side, INQB8R reserves the right and possibility to remove Your work from public immediately, and break this Agreement, incl. #4, without additional warnings, stopping any kind of co-operation with You, and providing any kind of legacy action, if needed.
  9. Tracks released with INQB8R may be played on the radio, as part of online streams, performed publicly by DJs, recorded to media or stored to media as either audio or data by people who download them, and may be freely distributed as long as such distribution is for non-commercial purposes.
  10. As soon as Material is published by INQB8R, You can not revoke or stop distributing this Material without additional agreement with INQB8R, except in case #8.

The agreement is approved by Arturs Pavlovskis, the project's Director, on behalf of INQB8R:


(Month Date, Year / Signature)

You: _______________________________________

(Month Date, Year / Signature)