>> What it means "to be released"?
What it means

All our release have the following technical specifications (listed are files and information required for publishing):

  • Title format. You as an author, under Your name or pseudo, present some excslusive musical work having kind of Title. These initial and mandatory credits will be inserted in ID3-tags of each mp3 file You suppy. The common Title of Your work should be preferrably short and not consisting of more than 50 characters.
  • Audio format. All files are presented in 256 Kbps / 44 bit MP3. Almost in all cases, works need at least initial audio mastering, that's why we may require from You uncompressed WAV files with as high sample rate and resolution as possible (preferrably 48 Khz/32 bit). We do not charge for the mastering, and will try to keep Your original sound, only making legitimate adjustments. Then we are using best Lame encoder versions to create a high quality output MP3 files. We may also accept the work already presented in MP3 format, if it meets our specifications.
    In some cases we prefer to release so called "continous" works, that means your tracks may be mixed to follow each after other with no gaps. However it's not a mandatory condition. Read about such release format in our nonstop playing of MP3 tracks thread.
  • Timing format. All files presented in Your release should preferrably not overlimit approximately 30 minutes in total, representing form of virtual Mini-LPs, or "extended play" music download (EP). Keeping so much expensive lifetime of our modern XXI century, we decided that half-hour of listening should be enough to understand what it says, and that gives the reason to analyze/rate it more carefully and objectively. Additionally, it makes the release more simpler and less expensive in our own production, yet still a lot more concentrated.
  • Pictures format. We present release covers in JPEG format, size of 1417 x 1417 pixels. If You make the cover Yourself, You should mention Your artist's name and Your EP title on the cover. We can work on the cover for You, selecting the proper image from our original pictures collection, or adjust/use the image You may have already.
  • Compovisions (optional). As a really exclusive feature of our gallery, You may provide an indvidual picture for each track of Your EP. These pictures will be associated with the tracks and presented in our gallery under a special section. They should have the same dimensions as mentioned above.

For your comfort we offer a fast private FTP server for files exchange, no slow public servers involved. That way we hope to work as quickly as possible, supposing Your active development and taking participation in Your own release. Check our Community thread on What is FTP and how to use it, if you do not know how.

All our work is performed at no charge.

With each work we will supply the Uniform Resource Identifier, that Licensor specifies to be associated with the Work. That means, each of Your track will be offered for download via direct www link.

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