>> Why musicians are interested to release with INQB8R?
Why musicians are interested to release with INQB8R?

Internet era gave us an abnormally large choice, which personal musicians can't handle following older science. There are tons of ways how to deal without a "major" label, releasing, promoting or selling music on Your own. However we doubt that way You may achieve great results, because when somebody listens, rates, experiences, criticizes Your music from the side, it expands Your own view and makes your music much better for the end listener. In that case, we act like a "regular" label digging your work, carefully selecting all our releases, as well as consulting musicians regarding preparation of their release and sometimes even performing a basic sound mastering. This all is done at no cost from our side. We always try to explore the author's point of view, at the same time trying to follow our basic concepts: present as more genres-rich showcase as possible. We never know what our next release will be about, as nobody knows. Our choice is Unheard.

Besides of it, we keep all of our release downloads under the project's original domain, not trusting 3rd party sites which often may expire unexpectedly, and which may be controlled by other institutions not related directly to our point of view. We are interested in longterm-side of the project, and we run it ourselves from the all aspects, no hidden companies or groups are involved.

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