>> What is INQB8R?
What is INQB8R?

ENTRANCE FREE. INQB8R is a free will foundation project having a goal to present innovative musicians and attract progressive listeners, merge different audiences and provide a new way of deep thinking through music. All music is free to download and listen for everybody, with no registration and membership fees. That means you may start browsing and listening to our presentations right now.

If You compose music not just giving Yourself a pleasure and discovering Your second nature that way, but because of money, You may be disapointed to know composers are not paid by us, because we release all music for free under Creative Commons License terms. However You as a musician definitely earn when releasing Your work with us, and only You define the measure of that earning. We ourselves do not earn a cent holding and developing this website. It's just our expensive and modern hobby, a very private gallery, carefully build and stored collection of the free music officially released over the web.

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