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Ariu Kara - Emptiness... It Looked For Her... - Release Cover
Ariu Kara
Emptiness... It Looked For Her...
DATE: April 8, 2009
Cat.#: INQ010
Dedicated to Anastasia's ten-years long best mate Larisa Kozlova, suddenly passed away in 2008, this compilational work concentrates on the themes of the dark nostalgic soul emptiness, which is born instead of something forever lost. It's like when you visit the old home which will be destroyed soon, realizing it's still keeping secrets of families living here for many years before. Larisa always supported Anastasia regarding her creative plans and works, and came with most objective critics. Unfortunately, she will never listen to the Ariu's new soundscapes again, but her image is obviously tracked in every second of this release, which would be probably impossible to achieve other way. If you are not afraid of the very deep self-cycled journey through the time, cogitation and fantasies, here is the door which you'll never close if you are in.

The recording consists of five mixed tracks. The first track describes the peak of human depression, the rejection of reality, and is obviously recorded in the very difficult time of Ariu Kara outliving. Further it reflects to the holes in the space and the time. What could you feel when you know there is no way back? The 3rd track is about walls having memories. Here is how the old house being ruined the next day, would dream about its past. It continues into the collaboration of two independant authors about forms which depict, in their opinion, the "Infinity" term. The final sound painting is inspired under visiting the seaport of Sukhum, Abchasia. 15 years ago during the conflict between Georgia and Abchasia the Georgian aviation ruined set of ships, yachts and pleasure launches. Now it's possible to watch their rusty parts over the water covered with algae and cockleshells of mussels. They already became a new part of the landscape, obtaining the next life....
Possible Definition: Resin Plasticine

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01/ There Will Be The Emptiness 05:44
02/ The Tonnel 04:10
03/ The Old House 05:37
05/ The Hidden Infinity 07:46
04/ The Dream Of Ruined Ships 05:51

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