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Sweeping Logic - Lucid Side Of The Dream - Release Cover
Sweeping Logic
Lucid Side Of The Dream
DATE: July 11, 2008
Cat.#: INQ005
Truly INQB8R release, this sublime record absorbed a lot of influences and it may give back a lot of influences as well, specially for those who are investigating the music like it would be an urban thriller. Prepare your brains turned otherwise when you first heard it. Despite the risky acknowledgment of dedication to LSD, the drug which was invented by a human and then punished by humans later for its "suspicious nature", this ethereal music explodes the deepest side of any human nature itself. It's not just an original combination of wonderful riffs, dark hip-hop rhythms and dreamy soundscapes, but a magical atmosphere which makes the positively amazing moment of life while you listen to it, most possibly because the sound presented is the life of its unique side.

Tracks were originally published on and MySpace (were they gained a lot of success already), and then re-issued with us in a special form of "nonstop" mix, when all themes are following one after other, from the beginning 'till the end giving you a possibility to perceive everything in whole like it would build a complete picture. Your MP3-player must support gapless playback for giving you the full joy of this release. By the same approach we will also extend our future concepts to a new level. INQB8R edition also includes an exclusive 1-minute interlude, which was not published previously.
Possible Definition: Glass on turntables

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01/ Endless Plaza Flashback 4:48
02/ Lost Sun District 3:32
03/ A Keyside of B 2:10
04/ Picturesque Mind Construction 4:44
05/ Midnight Ballett Lesson 2:50
06/ Light Sequence Song 3:34
07/ The Neverending Train 1:15
08/ Sleeping Logic 3:18

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