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ReoR - Missing Galaxy - Release Cover
Missing Galaxy
DATE: July 29, 2010
Cat.#: INQ017
Possibly not like many others musicians, Sandris Gravans a.k.a. ReoR prefers a momentum creative process over long term composition, and instead looking for music, he lets music to find him. Tracks we present under this release were recorded completely live in early 2001, using just one 4-Layers "Yamaha CS1x" and a MiniDisc recorder. Sandris used regular school notebook to write down the score, as powerful multimedia computers were not available at that time. We at INQB8R are amazed how this record keeps the feeling of life, and did not become outdated even for almost ten years, like bringing strong atmospheres and moving meditative rhythms through time. It's a very unique, elegant and intimate recording, requiring the same listening conditions.
Possible Definition: Vacuum Pulse

01/ Missing Galaxy 04:19 MP3
02/ La d'Fense 06:53 MP3
03/ The Beach II 04:29 MP3
04/ Sweet Apocalypse 06:41 MP3

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