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Julien Mier - Have Courage Funny Thing - Release Cover
Julien Mier
Have Courage Funny Thing
DATE: October 8, 2009
Cat.#: INQ012
Julien Mier continues to grow in his music, already with the 3rd EP provided, which has been released on three independant labels ("Lomechanik", "BumpFoot" and "INQB8R") at once. Only using some very subtle equalisation and filtering, and probably some new knowledge from his courses of Hilversum's Music School, this time Julien has built a really unique sound boat, which is about everything you may see and keep in your head, and which will give no annoying second of listening to it. It's a very eclectic choice of tracks and composition, once again confirming that Julien doesn't like "to sound like...", and his thirst of diversity, which is also the point of every INQB8R release. These recordings may be called "pure electronica", because they are still based on loops and mixing various sources together, but which already include live guitars, synths, environmental recordings and voice. If an experimental recording could be tuned up with mainstream elements, providing a listening interest to a really wide auditory without leaving the independant room, here it is: a tripping journey into Love.

As we know, Julien tried to submit this recording to the giant indie publisher "Morr", but they denied it. Cock of the walk, babies, we're happy you've kept the real art free for us! ;)
Possible Definition: A Road From My House To The Sea

01/ Little Footsteps 04:12 MP3
02/ The Misty Barn 02:55 MP3
03/ Windmills & Lantarnlights 03:24 MP3
04/ Letter To Anna 03:02 MP3
05/ At The Soar To Set The Sail 01:32 MP3
06/ Fly Free Sailingboat 02:40 MP3
07/ Goodbye You Float Well 04:32 MP3

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