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dmyra - Soul Eyed Sister - Release Cover
Soul Eyed Sister
DATE: February 18, 2010
Cat.#: INQ014
A mini-disc-size sound rocket contains the truly essense of Robert Demes recent works, re-arranged and re-mixed specially for INQB8R edition. All tracks were recorded in in the autumn of 2006 mostly, and were earlier published in a plug-n-play style on "Bumpfoot", "4-4-2 Music" and "Clinical Archives". But they didn't lost the fresh tune until now, specially after getting a completely new light. Robert is considering himself as a blues musician mostly, having Keith Richards and Albert King as favorites, and it all has obviously impressed those tracks, despite they are composed in sometimes polyrhythmic, free manner. We hope you will enjoy a lot of fun while listening, the same joy as we've got while discovering "dmyra" flight from the inner side.
Possible Definition: Everybody Is Alive, But Doesn't Want To Move

01/ Chance to Chill 06:21 MP3
02/ Soul Eyed Sister 05:19 MP3
03/ Momentum of an Arc 05:14 MP3
04/ Nothing Wrong 04:39 MP3
05/ Arc Response - Epilog 01:53 MP3

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