Release INQ016  
Chaika - Inspirations from Jacques Offenbach - Release Cover
Inspirations from Jacques Offenbach
DATE: June 8, 2010
Cat.#: INQ016
Russia is a country of many cultures and traditions, but here we have an astonishing debut tape, which continues the best dark ambient and experimental approaches of the traditional European electronic scene. If there would be no recognizable title on the cover, we could expect that it is "Lustmord" or "Biosphere" trying to find their roots in some ancient damp cave. The work was really influenced by Jacques Offenbach, and even uses transformed samples of his music; but instead of following 19th century's operetta rules, this sound not only meets all available new era technologies, but also keeps the time and mood moment, as it's initially proposed by the author.
Possible Definition: Journey Over Plato of Cultures

01/ Les Contes d'Hoffmann 13:13 MP3
02/ Le Mariage Aux Lanternes 08:08 MP3
03/ Le Papillon 10:10 MP3

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