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INQB8R Community / NEWS / Ariu Kara's EP on NTNS Radio!
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# Posted: 20 May 2009 16:27 - Edited by: INQB8R

It was actually the first time when our label got attention from some radio, the fact, which gained a lot of our attention and pleasure.

The lucky lot to be first is won by Mark Stolk aka Mystahr, the Dutch musician and music enthusiast which creates his Saturday show since 2007 on StillStream, an ambient Internet radio station that is on the air 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

The most important in this story is that there is so much free music around us, and there is so many gifted musicians, that the StillStream's air may appear constantly distinct. No hits shit and no repetitive songs shit.

Just recently there were times when the listeners were regulated by big label companies, and so musicians were regulated by huge management teams; this times are still present, but they are also extended to more freedom by independant musicians, which compose and distribute music on their own goal, which are presented by the independant labels like ours at no charge just because of enthusiasm, and finally, which are listened by the huge crowd of open minded listeners making their own free choice. Everybody doesn't need big money and investments anymore to be heard and spread the message.

Who knows where will it lead further? It's already here - free music which never ends, the form of music population grown from the scratch in another dimension. It's not the "standard" radio air, but it appears to be much better: it doesn't take its specially licensed and expensive frequency, it is worldwide, not just in one town or country. Awesome revolutionary!

Mr. Stolk's radio air is called "Not The Normal Shit" radio (NTNS), and it kicks off every Saturday at 8:00 AM by the London-Lisbon time. It's not the first time when NTNS pays attention to the female music - ealier this year in March, there was a set dedicated to female electronic experimentalics. "It may be true that there are disproportionately few women who make electronic music, but those that do create some of the best music you can find anywhere." - Stolk said. Just recently at May 16 2009, Stolk played Ariu Kara's EP presented on INQB8R amongst few very interesting new releases as well. You can listen to actually more than 3 hours podcast under NTNS blog, or check NTNS on MySpace where Mark actually found us.

Here on our board, we present just a quick excerpt from mr. Stolk's comments:

Not The Normal Shit Radio:
...And like said, we will play 3 albums in a row which feature vocals. The first one we have heard now sort of female singing ("A sky of unforgiven dreams" by H Stewart - e.n.). The next one will be more experimental, more talking, spoken language. There was rather fun to hear it in Russian, not knowing what it all was about, but it sounded pretty darn good. I've heard it in full couple of times. Coming from Latvia, the netlabel called "Incubator", this is a brand new find of a net label for me, and as I understand it, Ariu Kara is coming from Russia. The album is a single track and called "Emptines... it loooked for her". This is a composition which some way is more a visual art than a sound art, but through time I've seen that people doing visual art occasionally do some sound art as well. And it's quite good most of the times! I guess they have literally a unique vision. They translate it into sound in a different way than a musician probably would. For now, we will be listening to the emptiness, but I can show you - it's really not that empty. Not sure if we will be playing this track in full, but we'll see how it goes (Mark actually played almost the whole album except the final 5th track - e.n.). I felt very much in love with this track!

Here is the Ariu Kara related podcast excerpt in MP3 (4 Mb).

Enjoy the world of free music!

And thanks again to Mystahr for giving us new food to think and impress - if we ever will be in Gelderland, we can't miss this show without the good legal pot ;-)

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