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INQB8R Community / NEWS / INQB8R: The Grand Opening
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# Posted: 27 Nov 2007 21:40 - Edited by: INQB8R

Nobody knows how much time passed since the first such idea flew into their heads... but in spring 2006 the initiators of this project have met for the first time in the local bar of Riga to discuss possible starting and development of a netlabel.

About 20 months of the hard, patient and laborious work followed after that.

By this time the bar where they've met was closed, as well as were closed some of just opened netlabels in Latvia; Saddam was killed amongst the rabbits and pigs, Stanislav Lem, Rajkumar and Kurt Vonnegut died; the global economics freezed down because of a surprisingly low dollar rate, and...

And nobody really knows what else happened beyond the eyes and ears.

The most important thing we know is that we are launching in the time while many others fail.

Are we afraid to fail? Yes. Do we have plans to fail? No. We really hope this project will be serious and long-term, and we hope this is one of its strongest sides: to be stable and constant.

It needs to be stable like a bridge. And really, INQB8R is a conceptual online bridge between creative musicians and their creative listeners.

INQB8R is a netlabel.

Is it difficult to create an online label? No in theory. It's simple as well as to fry potatoes. However before frying potatoes, you need to get them somewhere, and in general you should know what potatoes consists of to be fried correctly. Don't forget that potatoes were introduced by Columbus in the middle of civilization, so they are not simple inside as they could look... and there are hundreds of receipts of frying potatoes, going further you will know you can not only fry them but also mash them and grater them.

The conceptual development of our net label finally went out of the standards. What you see on our website may look simple like a potato, but there were many things introduced, swapped, thrown out and balanced during the development process.

Maybe it took so much time just because we have worked on it in our free time which is very small; but that was a very pleased and lite dedicated work.

As a result we just have what we planned. Most of the plans are never realized, aren't they? We think it's an achievement.

It's impossible to create a welcomed and appreciated net label without the listeners and musicians. Our next achievement is to invite YOU. YOU - as personality. It doesn't mean YOU should be a musician and should present your music here. Discuss, suggest and develop your own music theories of any kind.

We are waiting for the newcomers who love music of its kind not depending on the encyclopedic genre or the name on its cover. Our label has its concept, but it's not the concept about the music itself. It's about in which time the listener could get the new knowledge from the music and its author. It's about short distance marathons.

Our label is EP-only that means all works should last not more than 30 minutes. In the recent past, Extended Play (EP) was the name typically given to vinyl records or CDs which contain more music than a single, but are too short to qualify as albums. On our web label we give this name to the records which are being abnormally expressive and conceptual within the shortest time possible. They are nor CDs nor vinyl; they are free MP3 format files. We suspect it's a future of issuing the music.

Like the INQ002 release says, "We are just EP-gone-n".

Be listened.

So Ladies and Gentlemen, we are floating in web! Please unfasten your seat belt and feel free to touch any of controls. Enjoy your stay and flight with INQB8R!


# Posted: 27 Nov 2007 22:33 - Edited by: rabbit

Congrats! :)


# Posted: 2 Dec 2007 17:45

Good work guys! :) I like this one! Congratulations and good luck!!! ;)

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