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INQB8R Community / NEWS / Sound Proector reviewers found Sweeping Logic release of INQB8R "touching and impressive"
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# Posted: 14 Aug 2008 17:03 - Edited by: INQB8R

One of the top web magazines from Russia, Sound Proector, related to the wide fields of unusual electronic music, its authors and listeners, recently reviewed our "Lucid Side of the Dream" release of Sweeping Logic, finding it a great example of the 'hallucinogenic stuff'. Below follows our free-type English translation of this wonderful review (original in Russian can be read on our forums as well):

pi micron:
Taking into attention a short time went since their previous EP, the recent free downloadable edition of INQB8R touched and impressed me a lot. A person standing behind the 'Sweeping Logic' prioject is rather unknown for the wide audience, and his tracks were issued earlier not on major labels, but on and myspace websites. INQB8R reworked and mixed them in a whole soundrow, that way bringing the "official" release to public.

The music consists of the remarkable trip over the night city eating crowds of people and cars, splitten by neon bulbs, car headlights and torches. This city smells like perfume and exhausts at once, and it looks so beautiful that soon becomes repugnant. Main characters here are played by hip hop rythms sinking in deep reverberation effects, and sounds of a grand piano forcing our emotions drive out of the personal ego box where they were still possible to control. Fragments of human voices, long lasting sound backgrounds and urban field recordings create a huge space and a motion of this city, which continues to consist of the complicated interactions system, but the listener discovers himself out of there. We are looking at every detail like from the other side, we are moving further and further in front of annoying humans, absorbing our own outliving essence while looking at these building landscapes and colorful screens.

A hallucination?..

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