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# Posted: 16 Jul 2008 19:06 - Edited by: INQB8R

Imagine a chair which has no 4th leg and is instantly moving from side to side - you won't feel comfortable, will you? If you want to know the slowest side of the Internet, come to My Space. This is a badly programmed toilet, which may load in few minutes and which often disconnects from you. The interface is a long story to learn, specially for those who is not familiar with a social network. It seems you waste a lot of time while trying to get in here and there, because 90% of the features are not intuitive to understand, and the interface is ugly. If it would be just a regular website, we would leave it in few minutes with no returning back.

But some day in the past they said it will be a website where anybody can talk to their Stars as Friends. That's why this trashcan is full of nice people now. As anybody else we were forced to open an account there, and without really a big promotion already gained a circle of about hundred friends, including nowadays top and upcoming electronic musicians from all over the world, as well as collected nice positive comments on our project, which was described as "very interesting" (The Prog Files), with a notable "philosophy base" (Marvin Ayres). Still we didn't meet a person who disliked our in-depth critique and reviews, so we welcome everybody to meet us there too. You are welcome to check our picture-pieces photo album as well. Hit the URL to blow us up:

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