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INQB8R Community / NEWS / Sound Proector reviews XIIORA release of INQB8R as "extra-ordinary"
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# Posted: 2 May 2008 13:39 - Edited by: INQB8R

The famous web magazine from Russia, Sound Proector, researching "complex unusual sounds" and related mostly to experimental electronic music, recently reviewed our "Horibunopuyar" release of XIIORA giving it a higher rating of concept. Below follows our free-mind English translation of their article (original in Russian can be read on our forums as well):

On our planet lost in space, nowadays and always it's been hard to find a project with its own unique idea. If your search is related to a sound diving, it becomes a long-lasting joy if you finally catch up something of extra-ordinary. And it's specially funny when strolling never ending online fields you suddenly come up to a small but expressively independant online foundation, which brings you discovering of something strange and unusual for yourself, kind of d?j? vu, a reality dream or dream reality. For an unknown net label project like INQB8R, their recent release XIIORA - Horibunopuyar can be called a miracle pearl.

A concept? An idea? - Yes, and even more. If a crazy genius sound stranger ever had a dream, it is released now. There are only two tracks, an album cover and some quick info - a paradox, but that's really everything we might need for a full-format release. Nowadays even two tracks may give the listener more than ten or twelve, and it's only up to the author who produces them. Here we have a minimal hypnotic tekno rhythm + voice over, and that would be all - but strange, it really works, not saying it really sounds. Just load up these track in your player, set them to loop forever and after 15-20 minutes you shall get the idea of what it's about. When Staalplaat were kings they probably would be happy to find and release a music like this. Now it's available for free download, but probably not everybody will understand it has a big value. However masses could listen to it in the morning of after-party or while relaxing in psychedelic chill-out room; it's also kind of music from mini-disk culture if you know what it's about... Welcome to listen, learn and research.

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