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# Posted: 15 Jan 2008 19:06

Hi guys,

ok I've read the forums and website guides... however except mp3 files of 256 Kpbs and the total lasting time of the work not bigger than half hour, it isn't clear for me what else should I supply. Specially:

1) Should I prepare the cover artwork or will you draw it for me?

2) Should I write my own description text for my release (review) or you do it for me?

3) Should I prepare some kind of html or php page - I am not very familiar with web technologies, so...?

4) Whatever comes to the track titles... I always thought it is a spare job to call the music by words; however if your label's concepts propose it, is it possible that you name the tracks, and give the generic EP title to my record? Or is it possible just to not name the record at all and leave only my pseudo?

5) Where should I upload or send my mp3 records actually? On your site I cant' find the proper "temporary" folder or something like this. I would not like to share the files with anybody except you, so I would like you first listen to my work, then decide if you release it; and if not, I would not like to distribute it or letting you to distribute it.



# Posted: 21 Jan 2008 12:57


answering your questions:

1) We appreciate if you can provide the JPEG cover file of the dimensions at least 1417x1417 pixels (currently all our cover files are of these dimensions). However important is your music, not the graphics, and if you are not able to prepare the cover for your release, our painters team will do it with pleasure.

2) You need to supply at least some basic information about your person or the story which is needed to read behind your music. It would be good to know where are you coming from, what are the inspirations of your music, why have you decided to release etc. If you already have a web page where we could know something about you, it would be enough for us to compose our own essay. You can compose the description in the free form of writing, however we as publishers keep the right to change or modify it and publish it in the format we find necessary.

3) You don't need to deal with any of the web scripting languages - provide the information in any format you would like, we will convert it to what is required.

4) You as author keep the right to leave the music with no names; however we would recommend to give a name to your EP at least - else which way should it be recognized amongst future releases? ;-) So naming the whole release is mandatory; as for the tracks they could be unnamed. If it's hard for you to choose the right name, choose our free consulting service regarding the subject. We have a huge team of creative and educated people which will help to find the compromise in that.

5) First you need to contact us using the web form, providing brief information about you and your release and informing us in general. We will reply you privately providing a temporary FTP information where you can upload your demo. This information is available only to our musicians. You can also register at the free file sharing services like, uploading your stuff there. Usually on such services all information could be protested by a password, so nobody except you and us can hear it until it's released. If we deny releasing you, our cowboy promise is not to distribute it any way (and why then we would be interested to distribute it if we deny it at the initial stage ;-)

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