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# Posted: 5 Dec 2007 14:50

Greetings to everybody and thanks for curious label concepts.

I am wondering if it would be possible to know who are the authors/producers of this label, INQB8R?

Being a musician I am deciding where to release my work, but I've had unfortunate experience in the past.

I've released my early work on the net label which doesn't exist anymore, and the authors are not responding to my emails. As the result I've lost one point in my discography.

I would like to get kind of warranty that this label won't disappear in some time before sharing my music, that's why giving exact credentials would be nice...

Thank you in advance for reply.


# Posted: 9 Jan 2008 15:40 - Edited by: INQB8R

The chief executive officer for INQB8R (a.k.a. "incubator") producers is Arturs Pavlovskis, from Riga, Latvia (by the way his roots deeply goes down to Poland), who was this cool idea initiator, he was also an engineer for drawing a layout for the label's net page, content manager and a director who builds official contacts with the musicians. The list of his tasks is on approx. 100 pages, that we are offer to buy for $7 rather than publish here. Another person behind the label is Mr.Prolix, from the planet Earth, who could be considered as a veteran on the Latvian blogging scene. His amateur reviews and enthusiast views page in 10 years was so impressive that he was asked to compose special reviews for many well known russian web-projects like or extra-qualified Moscow label Lagunamuch; recently he got luck to picture cosmopolitan Tuxedomoon band and publish his kind of multimedia article about them, in which the author includes not only his text, but the pictures, video and audio as well. Mr.Prolix was the author of the concepts, as well as a technical engineer for the website and a PR-builder.

Other people behind the label include the Lonely Band of the webhosting Virtualis, and of course all our musicians at the moment - The Pale View Of Hills from Spain and O.v.d.k. from Japan; and yes, Rabbeat of course, a.k.a. Andrejs Furtats from Riga who makes some pioneeric masterings here and there.

INQB8R Team Grotesk

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