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# Posted: 3 Dec 2010 13:08 - Edited by: MrProlix

"Lisztomania" is a track by the French band "Phoenix", the term used for the title was coined by the German romantic literary figure Heinrich Heine to describe the massive public response to Franz Liszt's virtuosic piano performances.

Nowadays, "Lisztomania" got a second breathe when somebody posted a video using parts of "The Breakfast Club" movie. It looked like this:

That inspired guys from Brooklyn create "their town" video to this song:

Later, there appeared lots of other towns joining in, like Rio de Janeiro, San Francisco, Amsterdam, Boston, Winnipeg, Versailles, Phoenix city itself, and so on - you may find the final list here.

This number of videos, "a tribute to a tribute" continues to grow.

Julian Sanchez, a person from the CATO Institute, references this video in his vchat about social commentary and remix culture, and this video is also used in the lectures series "How remixes evolve culture".

Also, our neighbors from Salaspils created Riga version for this track. The video was filmed on the Vanšu bridge of Riga. More info about these guys here (in Russian - but still you may look up the pictures).

Good stuff! And an example of how you may get an inspiration from quite simple things :-) And what's the idea all around that? Just regular people dancing... I guess, even Phoenix themselves consider this movements as much more better video ground comparing to their official video :-)


# Posted: 8 Dec 2010 14:09

Very, very good!

Song is pretty "infectious" - the smile pops up by itself and legs are pulling the body to the dancefloor.

Idea? ...seems that there is no any ideas ;-) Independently it has crystalize to smth positive. I start to love Internet for such sunny things :-)

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