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# Posted: 20 Sep 2010 11:14

This is actually what it could be to be "united" in Internet times:


# Posted: 14 Oct 2010 12:08

Just super!
Watching this I deeply believe that music is able to establish the peace all over the world.

Normuds Pics

# Posted: 22 Oct 2010 20:23

Quite an interesting video.

At the beginning I've thought there be the whole black world singing this Bob Marley's song, which words are actually taken from the live Haile Selassie I speech. But as you know, Marley was half-black half-black, and the skin color didn't really matter for this space man. The song is about the same.

So in video, we see another white man who sings for all white - Bono. I was surprised. But just because I've expected something else. Quite a negative surprise. U2 and Bono played Marley's "Get Up, Stand Up" many times in their live shows, they are obviously Marley's fans, and the most recent U2 album so deeply paths to Africa, that the co-operation of this white man with the black crowd is generally not a surprise. U2 always sung about War, Marley, too, each of them passed through the War in some hard aspect.

But it still gives a feeling Bono is not on his place here.

Because he's not reggae. If we consider this project as a duo of Rocky Dawuni and Bono, because they sing the leading parts of this song (will not count Marley himself appearing in a little episode), then Bono is not reggae. They are hard to compare, hard to contrast. They are just from different audiences and planets.

U2 must record a reggae album after this video to prove it was not filmed because of money -)

Well, may this was just their idea. To concatenate the black and white, reggae and not reggae, and instruments from various genres of music for one song. Then it's all fine.

Another bad impression is that Bono could at least master his voice or take more serious studio approach, like other musicians, the first verse he sings, sounds terrible, though some other parts, specially where he makes an accent on singing and "i", some other do not have the proper effect, like where he sings in a big delay. Besides of the white singer Bono, there are another white Irish, The Omagh Community Youth Choir, and that's all for white singers.

Ok you may read lots of other 5,000+ comments regarding this video on the original YouTube page, I liked that one which says "Bono is money". Exactly because the video is doubtful, it gives such a response. Good point.

Bono may be the same Legend as Marley these days, but we still don't know it. We'll know it in time. Only time will tell, like for Marley it told, too. But seeing their full crowd live tours similar to full live tours of Marley, I could say he's a legend, too. Having a Nobel Peace Prize nomination also means something in this world. You can be a tricky freak, and have millions enemies and friends, but still have a Nobel Prize.

Well, the human race calls somebody legend only after he's gone. A sad fact.

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