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# Posted: 13 May 2010 17:09

This is kind of simple collage work and kind of simple music, created by Anatoly Shiryayev for RSEBAA high school presentation.

But for me, it gave kind of simple impression. The most important here is that still gave the impression, while other works of the same kind may not provide it.

Enjoy :-)

YouTube link


# Posted: 18 May 2010 09:56

Personally for me such kinds of melancholic moods are very close and cognate; they are sweetly wrapped up together with the positive memories into warm cover. Visualization, that counts the most forceful art type, is welded and merged so close with music that seems they was born together... and generally they are like Siamese twins.

Of course from musical consumer's point of view the photo-music mix is not the nova, but here is I took pleasure to feel each sound drawing separately and each photo detail because nothing does not run and nothing is not hurry, but moderate changes and flows like tired old river. It seems that the author has mounted lately around 01:30 at night, when the whole city sleeps, but the head has rampaged idea which the author wish to complete until the morning 'cause the grey weekday may introduce own corrections.

At first I wanted to write the critics that video shot fully does not fit for high school presentation, but watching again - absolutely fits, giving nice image and attractive aura to the school. Should mention that RSEBAA is Riga International School of Economics and Business Administration :)

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