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# Posted: 2 Mar 2009 21:43

"Oaksowe Sxunqame" is a space moniker of earlier known "Aleksej Project", a musician from the deeply unknown scene of Riga's underground, currently located in Dublin, Ireland, studying jazz and cinema. You could sometimes meet him live playing oriental percussion in the exotic dance theatre "Karinedance" and with ethno-band "Baraka", he was also working with the independant label "Quadrat Musique" and participated in the musical poetry project "Orbita". Aleks's compositional background is rooted in authentic ambient music, the most formative influence being, perhaps, the music of Brian Eno. He devoted his compositional activities to producing music when the computer and live instruments play a leading role.

Direct label link:

shri [at] inbox [dot] lv

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