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# Posted: 16 Dec 2008 08:34 - Edited by: INQB8R

Yaputhma is a mystical planet of rhythm and sound in the deep Universe, and one of its inhabitants, Gosh, spent on Earth roughly a decade, the whole 90s. This happiest period of his life has been developed exploring and practicing various musics played by earthlings, crossing them over and applying traditional Yaputhmian riddim techniques to them. It was blues in 1989-90, ambient and improv in 1990-92, post-pop and art-punk in 1993-94 (with the "Pasaki Onkuliem Ata" band), alternative pop & improv in 1995 (with a succession of loose freak-out collectives "The New Hedgehogs", "The Brand New Hedgehogs" and "The New Cosmic Hedgehogs"), space-rock/dance-punk/acoustic rave/post-everything in 1996-97 (with the motley "Yaputhma Sound System" crew), all kinds of electronic dance and IDM in 1997-99 (solo), finally turntabling house, downtempo, lounge, ambient & post-everything as DJ Snobo in 1999-2001. After that, basically, the mission was complete, and Gosh returned to Yaputhma. Some of the fellow Yaputhmians, however, remained on Earth and continued rescuing earthlings from a mundane reality by means of musical or visual vibrations.

Currently, Gosh only contacts earthlings from time to time, mostly remotely, and comes to visit them rarely. His more active involvement in local musical processes is possible, but not inevitable.

Direct label link:

myspace: gosh from yaputhma
myspace: yaputhma sound system


# Posted: 20 Sep 2011 13:35 - Edited by: INQB8R

San Francisco´s music label "De'fchild Productions" for digital downloading [with option "Buy Now"] offers "Yaputhma Sound System" leader Gosh aka DJ Snobo remix album "Just a Kitten".


Record includes nine tracks - "Just a Kitten" remix versions. Authors: Havantepe (Sublime Porte, Pong Musiq), Selffish (Thinner), Triton (Zero-G Sounds, SKOR), Suspect (Thug, Defcore), Ruoho Ruotsi (de'fchild), The Marx Trukker (Schall, Dreiton), Martinez Gonzalez, Celice Monnette & Enrique Gongora (Kreativa, Miniatura, Louder Music).

Label "De'fchild Productions" was established in 2004 in Montreal, but a year later moved to San Francisco. It has released Ruoho Ruotsi, Igor O. Vlasov, Kate Simko, Deadbeat, Dave Aju, Triton, Aschka, Gys, dubLoner and other records.


# Posted: 20 Sep 2011 13:58

It's a nice fact, actually, that older Dinosaurs continue to live for much longer time that the new species. Remixes are well. Didn't know Selffish also is still in the building. It's interesting, how just one programming software, which creates primitive beats and loops, may be surrounded by quite a big circle of followers :)

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