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# Posted: 19 Dec 2017 10:26

"Merciful Whisper" is a collaborative project between Nikita Loschilov, coming from Vladimir, Russia, and INQB8R producers. The project has been develope completely online, its authors never met each other in real life.

In the age of fifteen, through Playstation console Nikita first knew the astonishing world of games, but being specially impressed by their musical background, created by the Japanese masters like Yasunori Mitsuda or Akira Yamaoka. These sound designers obviously created their own genre of digital soundtracks, so Nikita decided to try to learn from their success, and compose the similar audio moods. By now he has a few projects related to strings music, lite piano and electronica, all of them trying to follow a visible shadow of computer games, still keeping the favorite author's feelings of winter cold, so often met in the harsh climate of its native city.

Merciful Whisper @ INQB8R:

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