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# Posted: 28 Dec 2011 00:17 - Edited by: INQB8R

Behind Alterleo, there comes Denis Leonovich, an electronic music composer already for more than 10 years. Coming from Moscow and also living there, he also spent five years of his life in one of the most ancient cities of Russia, Tver, where some of his stuff was composed as well. In some way, Alterleo relates to one of the present INQB8R stars Ariu Kara, but the sound directions in this family cooperation obviously differ a lot. While Ariu develops explicit soundscapes, Alterleo is currently more up to the techno music, and even when experimenting, he doesn't go beyond the intelligent dimension.

Luckily or unfortunately, Alterleo is more up to composing tracks, not releasing them. He rather disappeared on the major labels in the past, except for couple of digital releases for "National Techno", patronaged by the Russian music business legend professional, Alexey Sibirtsev. Alterleo's track was also included in "National Techno 3.0 / B-Side" compilation, released through one of the leading record-labels in Russia, Diamond Records.

Alterleo @ INQB8R:

alterleo @ myspace
alterleo @ facebook

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