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# Posted: 20 Sep 2011 15:34

Anton Lustig is a born Dutch, but, doing everything on his own way, he spent almost half of his life far from the Netherlands, either in the Chinese capital Beijing or with the Jingpo minority, in a remote border area between China and Burma. Lustig is a passionate composer and painter, and he likes to combine various things in art and media. His hybrid of sound and painting is the most notable so far, clearly affected by the native and free world he lives in.

Anton first came in contact with the Jingpo as a result of his unusual and fully independent academic field: the first linguistic description of their Zaiwa language, and soon fell in love with the Jingpo people and their culture. The resulting PhD thesis and books, which made him specialist on this language, were much written in his own style, avoiding jargon and filled with snippets of the real village life.

After this language project finished, Anton decided to stay in the Jingpo villages and make the most out of living on this intersection of cultures and disciplines. His educational Prop Roots Program aims at empowering the Jingpo children with their own culture, their own creativity.

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myspace: anton lustig
reverbnation: anton lustig
facebook: prop roots
douban: anton lustig and prop roots


# Posted: 18 Apr 2013 11:13 - Edited by: MrProlix

More about Dr. Anton Lusting could be found in his interview, published with GoKunming, where he tells about the Jingpo people, Prop Roots program, and his social activities in China.

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