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magyar label

# Posted: 19 May 2010 09:33 - Edited by: magyar label


Artist: Fukkitol
Title: at

01 Tiger
02 Out of collar
03 Spit in os
04 Fogging
05 To
06 Numb number numbers numer umber reb

From Russia, Fukkitol's edgy style uses scalpel-like precision (or is it 'incisions'?) much like a playful surgeon who is not afraid of blood. This exclusive selection casts a slightly darker shade than some of his other varied styles. 8 bit beats, concrete soundscapes and lots of digital hack-n-slash loveliness. This is music for the wondering soul; for those who repel at the sense of familiarity and pre-definition, and we here at Magyar are very proud to present it to you!


magyar netlabel

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