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# Posted: 7 Jan 2010 01:28

For this seventh release of the netlabel Cyber Crunk we have the honor to submit the Eiton French artist who is part of the collective UNC Audio (created with DB and Mim) that promotes the drum'n'bass in France through events. He also founded the duo n0te with Kenei. The productions of Eiton are already present on the labels Digital Venom, Impakt, T3K, Melting Pot, Necro?d and today Cyber Crunk. Other outings are planned soon on labels Sinuous, Perkussiv, Synchronize, Insekto and SCPTX... For this new release, Eiton has prepared two tracks mixing minimal techno and d'n'b to return the dancefloor as he should! The tunes are titled Meduus and Jealousy, you can download free and legal MP3 format and/or WAV. Thank you to Eiton for participating in the project!


Pour cette septi?me sortie du netlabel Cyber Crunk nous avons l'honneur de vous pr?senter l'artiste fran?ais Eiton qui fait parti du collectif UNC Audio (cr?? avec DB et Mim) qui promouvoit la drum'n'bass en France ? travers des ?v?nements. Il a ?galement fond? le duo n0te avec l'artiste Kenei. Les productions d'Eiton sont d?j? pr?sentes sur les labels Digital Venom, Impakt, T3K, Melting Pot, Necro?d et aujourd'hui sur Cyber Crunk. D'autres sorties sont pr?vues prochainement sur les labels Sinuous, Perkussiv, Synchronize, Insekto et SCPTX... Pour cette nouvelle release, Eiton nous a donc concoct? deux morceaux techno?d m?langeant techno-minimale et d'n'b afin de retourner le dancefloor comme il se doit! Les oeuvres s'intitulent Meduus et Jealousy, vous pouvez les t?l?charger gratuitement et l?galement au format MP3 et/ou WAV. Merci ? Eiton d'avoir particip? au projet!

* Eiton - Meduus (download: MP3 / WAV)
* Eiton - Jealousy (download: MP3 / WAV)

Cyber Crunk

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# Posted: 8 Jan 2010 09:15

I'm not in sympathy with musical direction turned by Cyber Crunk Records because IMHO nowadays breathe of d'n'b is vaporising little by little and DARK is not my favorite dish as well. At the moment d'n'b is suffering huge pain as if the ugly cancer living inside the body, but everyone ignore this noticeable and cruel fact. I would be glad if this style becomes DEAD [frozen or forbidden at least] and after five years of silence and rehabilitation it will start to bossom with fresh colours.
I know that exists people who still love d'n'b [ least one ;)], but I'm sure that they love mainly the memories - first hearing eneregy and atmosphere of that style, first discovering groove, first inspiration of broken - non-standard - beats, first intimate contact. For example, I "wet myself" first time thanks to DJ Грув (DJ Groove) - one of the productive Russian DJs presenting his best works between 1996-2004. It was a jungle (but I did not care how to call such kinds of music), quite innocent, natural... like natural sink, without garish colours.

About current release I can mention that it is d'n'b for teenagers with zits - music for "smoking ganja" party's moments when tomorrow you know only own name and college that you hate; after 10 years the same producers will offer the same music for the next teenagers with zits where are all these previous and coming material will be located on the bottom of toilet bowl.
Besides I'm expecting something like music for adult, mature masses - more universal and wider. It's like exists adult-pop (Kings of Convenience, Beck, Alanis Morissette) which is more serious and talented sticking in people's mind with artlessness, real emotionality.

...But thanx to release - I realize that I slowly outdated having a tendency to reach more mental treasures.

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