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# Posted: 8 Nov 2009 17:27

Nors'Klh - "La Montagne Vivante"
(ParaLucid netlabel)

Welcome to the Circle of Three Dead ...

Visions of gigantic tentacles devouring stars, huge living mountains, desert plains whence arise columns infinitely large and dark, deformed beings wandering in the cosmos and attracting some universe at them, for their destruction ... take place in my head, again and again ..
Over the years I had the need to express them through all forms of art available to me. The music has been most revealing. For 10 years, I try to transcribe it by the sound, this magnificent horrors. With the first verse, "La Montagne Vivante" ( "the Living Mountain" ), i began a long journey wich will last three albums and will drown the listener in my visions, my nightmares, my fantasies and my dreams ...


Download from the internet archive:

Direct download link (zip):

Watch out for the upcoming 2CD set (not through ParaLucid)!
More info here:


# Posted: 1 Dec 2009 16:31

Thanks to this release - finally realize that I DO NOT LIKE DARK AMBIENT and all its sub directions. This world is not for my nature - it doesn't help neither to find out something fresh new nor to develop. I've tried to listen to the music in the background of reading Lovecraft (stories "The Street" and ... sorry forget), but even in such position the music did not become more brighter. OK, not brighter, but more clearer. Maybe it is necessary to sit down into deep, cold hole with red insects of about finger size and try to picture that the hope of getting out of here dies out with next each second?! Seems that I won't find this kind of hole... and will not try to find.

But in general - what does the release want to show? Maybe, as well as above-mentioned Lovecraft, parallel dark kingdom, which feels & hurts as well and often fumbles in the this fucking beautiful world? Then must say - too weak and without certain characters wearily at all. "Let's put in motion your generator of imagination!" - some "lovecrafts" will note. "NO!!! Because next 60 years I've planned to think in happy-positive-sunny way, therefore the gloomy-sickly-zilch stuff stays further and further..."

For example, look how French M83 serves the tragic moments admixing with horror components. Elegantly and very racy!

Ha, I've even realized that my music collection has only one dark album --> Arecibo... sorry forget the title :)

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