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# Posted: 3 Nov 2009 21:02

Dopedrone - "Contact book"

You are very welcome to download our new ParaLucid netlabel release!

Dopedrone was a project started by M. Anderson in 2000. He got his inspiration from shoegaze, stoner rock, 70's progressive rock and psychedelia.
"Contact Book" is the stunning debut album by the Norwegian artist!
Enjoy it for free!

Click the following link to download the album directly from archive. org:

To preview the tracks and get more info please visit:

"Contact Book" comes up with beautiful, high quality artwork. The songs are 320kbit mp3 format and high-end mastered.

Change is coming...


# Posted: 19 Nov 2009 15:49 - Edited by: tutik

The young German (if German than "next again") net label "ParaLucid", operating with certain styles, which explanations cannot clarify no other than Wikipedia, shows one of own recent releases "Dopedrone - Contact Book", that IMHO is like the salt on our own fictitious bombastic scar of crisis. The Music lives the powerful, vast life, soaking in and withstanding (ha, indeed like the fucking crisis), and, if you are today's malcontent pensioner, who do not use the hot water and smoke the contraband "Vogue Slims", the current material can affect you head like exciter of depression as a result you may throw away dear TV set. Here appears some reflections of globalization and aftereffect's motives, but they are more abstract and sketchy.

Under own work Dopedrone quotes following Epictetus words: "What concerns me is not the way things are, but rather the way people think things are", which helps the author to build the basis for the grain of idea. Well... very hard task... remembering me how I've tried to photo the music or transfer the music feeling to paper (note: in case if you have interest in my result - I can send the photos). If the music would be presented through another less important prism, e. g., falling the sandwich on butter side, the pleasure of hearing seems could reach the ecstasy level.

My vision: on the whole it's like Dark Angel's watching on us, deciding again what to do with us... not globally, but just to put "the rake" under the foot. Believe, Dark Angel hears all our tootles with Dark Ears, watches all our slaphappy and jealous moments with Dark Eyes, gropes our mobiles, refrigerators and toilet with Dark Arms. He knows everything... or soon will know like Mulder and Scully.

I like this work 'cause I'm the observer mainly (not "blah-blah-blah" man) as well and like HOW the people get out from their own braided spider web.
But instead of Dark Angel I don't feel like wanted to be.

P.S. Wow, must mention "ParaLucid" clever realization with the release presentation, I mean, video trailer:

It's really try to pull you inside the "contact book".


# Posted: 20 Nov 2009 13:43

Thank you very much!

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