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# Posted: 9 Oct 2009 09:52 - Edited by: INQB8R

Cat.#: INQ012

Julien Mier - Have Courage Funny Thing

Julien Mier continues to grow in his music, already with the 3rd EP provided, which has been released on three independant labels ("Lomechanik", "BumpFoot" and "INQB8R") at once. Only using some very subtle equalisation and filtering, and probably some new knowledge from his courses of Hilversum's Music School, this time Julien has built a really unique sound boat, which is about everything you may see and keep in your head, and which will give no annoying second of listening to it. It's a very eclectic choice of tracks and composition, once again confirming that Julien doesn't like "to sound like...", and his thirst of diversity, which is also the point of every INQB8R release. These recordings may be called "pure electronica", because they are still based on loops and mixing various sources together, but which already include live guitars, synths, environmental recordings and voice. If an experimental recording could be tuned up with mainstream elements, providing a listening interest to a really wide auditory without leaving the independant room, here it is: a tripping journey into Love.

As we know, Julien tried to submit this recording to the giant indie publisher "Morr", but they denied it. Cock of the walk, babies, we're happy you've kept the real art free for us!

Possible Definition: A Road From My House To the Sea

01/ Little Footsteps.mp3 4:12
02/ The Misty Barn.mp3 2:55
03/ Windmills & Lantarnlights.mp3 3:24
04/ Letter To Anna.mp3 3:02
05/ At The Soar To Set The Sail.mp3 1:32
06/ Fly Free Sailingboat.mp3 2:40
07/ Goodbye You Float Well.mp3 4:32

Direct label link:


# Posted: 9 Oct 2009 12:05

We've had a hot discussion on this release, and if you compare the sound to the BumpFoot or Lomechanik release, you will see that INQB8R's version is more than obviously improved :-) Julien had a luck to create really balanced sound this time, which needed only few adjustments to become perfect. Also, I personally would recommend to swap tracks a bit to enjoy more "inqb8r'ish" listening - the track "Goodbye You Float Well", deserves to be an opening theme for this EP, and "Windmills & Lantarnlights" suits the ending more closely. This is my favorite tracks order which I listened to many times in my mobile phone headphones while watching clouds and trees from my window :-) I think, in general, the music has so wide nature this time, that everybody could find a proper order for personal listening. Enjoy :-)

Julien Mier

# Posted: 21 Oct 2009 02:07

Hello there,
Certainly I agree on your comment about the order of the songs.
I learn and am interested in generative music, which is music that never is chronically set and always flowing on a specific movement.
I'm interested in that because everyone is different, has an opinion and has another perception on how music or sound should be, that's why we listen all different kind of music I suppose.
I have to thank all of you very much for properly promote, taking care for the music, mastering, and all the kindness to take my music in the land of inqb8r...



# Posted: 30 Oct 2009 09:56 - Edited by: INQB8R

Wow, definitely you should watch it - video for "At The Soar To Set The Sail"! Easy, cheap & yummy :)

In addition unofficial videoclip for "Letter To Anna". How Julien Mier says: "This is not really a videoclip but it is more meant as "view" of my roots back in Paris."


# Posted: 2 Dec 2009 18:40 - Edited by: MrProlix

"Windmills & Lantarnlights" track from this EP has been recently included in the Machtdose 2009 November, 4-years Anniversary podcast. Machtdose means 'Tin of Power' in German, and the website includes reviews of underground music released all over the world.

The music Machtdose includes in this podcast, is about something calm and peaceful, which continues in groovy dancefloor tunes to the ending. Surprisingly all tracks are coming from Creative Commons-licensed artists, and/or are distributed for free. It's a good example of how net music grows.

Check more on Machtdose website, or you may download this historical podcast from INQB8R server as well.


# Posted: 2 Dec 2009 18:49

Review regarding Julien Mier's release, has been also published under the German magazine's Beat Report 2009 December Edition. You may click the thumbnail below to check the page #86 where this review is present.

Beat Report - Julien Mier

I have asked one of our notable partners in Germany, Michael Br?ckner, to help us with translation of this words-game-review, and here is what he kindly provided:

It seems as if Julien Mier on his latest (recent) EP tries to keep the fading out summer alive for still some time. Indeed he succeeds in this, and it's not easy to escape the charms of his seven tracks. They are mainly based on airy guitar playing, over which puckering electronic sounds dance to the last rays of the setting sun. Those who are looking for music to re-charge their batteries for the coming autumn- and winter season, will enjoy "Have Courage Funny Thing".


# Posted: 17 Dec 2009 13:42

Here we have review from Sound Proector which also liked this release :-) Thank you!

Now when we have a winter outside, and houses' roofs are hidden under the snow, deepening into new release INQB8R is a great pleasure. It's like finding a door into summer, opening it slightly and hiding among green grass under the bright sun. So warmly and very sincerely will sound music of Netherlands musician Julien Mier living far away in a house among dunes at the sea coast. Have Courage Funny Thing is a short recording though very valuable because of its sincerity and performing.

The author of this piece of art is Julien Mier - a young progressive musician studying at School of Music and Technology in Netherlands and recording music of various genres, not limiting himself in the frames of definite style. Well, that's fine. The wider inner perception is, the more freedom one can hold with him, hide and present in his creativity.

Turning on the first track "Little Footsteps" you understand at once how close music is to a listener, you can just hold your hand for it, and like haze it fills the inner world with its notes and voices. This recording can even slightly remind of albums Savath & Savalas - project of Scott Herren from Prefuse 73. But here everything is much more deeper and cozier, for example in the second composition "The Misty Barn".

"Letter To Anna" is one of the favorite compositions of this EP - breathtaking, catching melody, touching the strings of heart; idm-sounds, that's impossible to pass by. It's the same as to pass by warmth, light and inner feelings without noticing it. Well, as it often happens. And the album is finished by track under the title "Goodbye You Float Well" we haven't heard such delicate work at melodies, arrangements and soundings. I'd like to listen further.

Very interesting fragment of text on the site of label INQB8R: "As we know, Julien tried to submit this recording to the giant indie publisher "Morr", but they denied it. Cock of the walk, babies, we're happy you've kept the real art free for us!". Who knows, maybe you'll have to stay here for long - winter is just starting!

(P.S. - it's a phrase taken from Saturday Night Live's show classic episode "We Need More Cowbell" - watch it if you are lost in music! :-)


# Posted: 11 Mar 2010 23:30

...А звук такой тонкий-тонкий и нежный... Кажется, еще мгновение, и он вирвется наружу, на свежий воздух, и легко упорхнет куда-то ввысь, и озарит собой все пространство вокруг... А заодно и согреет, и убаюкает, и зарядит оптимистичной нотой на день грядущий...


# Posted: 16 Apr 2010 10:42


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