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# Posted: 29 Sep 2009 08:39 - Edited by: INQB8R

Cat.#: INQ011

Michael Brückner - Occasional Chemistry

We on INQB8R are always looking for the 22nd Century music which may be not completely understood these days, but which makes a step into the future. When we contacted Michael Brückner asking for yet another presentation of his rich homework in our Showcase, we were surprised how Michael has selected these tracks. They were chosen on a completely random basis, but obviously having some introduction behind. We liked this kind of approach and left the tracks order "as is".

Anyway, almost 10 months passed in the process of remastering and improving the tracks, finding the most proper unifying sound for such heterogeneous stuff. It was not the best period for the worldwide economics, quite nervous for ourselves and sad for Michael, because his father has gone. But now we are proud to bring yet another accurate EP from this gifted German composer, which appears to be the other INQB8R classic.

It's difficult to describe this music; imagine that various cinematic worlds meet the reality, while you're sitting in some Moroccanian coffee shop, listening to the never known electronic avantgarde, keeping a big hangover in your head with a bizarre sense of humor, remembering Yesterday... Nobody knows what these sonic textures are about, and nobody can describe them except Yourself. It's all about when mystery and discovery meet each other, and it's about the world around waking up.

Possible Definition: Ointomoglican Vandamgo

Gapless Mixed MP3: Michael Brückner - Occasional Chemistry 30:00
Cue Sheet: Michael Brückner - Occasional Chemistry

Direct label link: se

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