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# Posted: 8 Aug 2009 06:12 - Edited by: dramacore

This Label Sampler was put together for curious people who are unsure of what
they might like on the label. So here's an easy way to get a rough idea
of what these people make. But please don't judge someone by ONE song,
this is just to get an idea. Hope you've got an open mind, because its a diverse mix!

download link
155 meg zip file , 2 hours of audio

Label Sampler #01
Various Artists - Label Sampler
= 01- Realicide - Punk Is Plush (intro)
= 02- Realicide - Brickwall Hardcore
= 03- Hypnosis Rainbow - Half Platypus
= 04- Bl00dsuck1ng Fr34k - Fucked Up
= 05- Balloonsex - An Amazing Saturday Involving Sea Creatures
= 06- Overthruster - dental floos with coarse slut cunt hair
= 08- n0123 - p4
= 09- GUN! - CTD
= 10- Malaria Labs - young bwoys first
= 11- Despoilah - She makes me dance
= 12- Black Peak - Mortal Kombat EP - Until My Death
= 13- Hyena - how to gate a soul
= 14- Glixxpistols - videojuego inside
= 15- serv2r - murder ink
= 16- Two Bit Vision - fucking a very small hole
= 17- tooth eye - extoplasmic fix
= 18- Balloonsex - Lvl. 2
= 19- Pygmy Guru - To Each Her Own
= 20- puke flytalker - its nce 2 c yr heart agn
= 21- goto80 - la gare de mongo
= 22- ate bit - happy spores afloat
= 23- Duplego - franks theme
= 24- 0xBBninja - Ah Look At This Pretty Princess
= 25- Ryuno - love hurts
= 26- Kristellar - Flies In Aerospace
= 27- RAPEX - cm wb da
= 28- Yore - Sqeeze Hots
= 29- 33 - Morning Shower
= 30- turb0slut - black denim
= 31- plague called paycheck - home cooking is killing the restaurant industry
= 32- Customer - Return Of The Living Dead
= 33- Royce Icon - O Sad Panda
= 34- Gert 3000 - G'schicht vom Ma mit de R?schti
= 35- ehafh - good with words (but not girls)
= 36- Muhmood - Climate Wars
= 37- mannequin blood - sorrow of a thousand birds
= 38- Nick Wyrick - starkissed
= 39- nikita - ?irigh
= 40- Noiztendo - Digital Game
= 41- toxic chicken - garbagemedly
= 42- polygon lobster jetpack - boredom for two
= 43- Pygmy Guru - Vodka shots
= 44- 33 - Underestimate
= 45- REDRULER - fastbeats
= 46- Hardon Collider - Noiseland Arcade
= 47- RedSK - Five Hits Of Acid (Overdose)
= 48- Roberto Maldoror Manfredini - Dada Nintendo
= 49- c4 - epicentre
= 50- in scary stereo - to grow old
= 52- ehafh - hermit of the wasteland
= 53- shelter dog - mote
= 54- sega death - ghoul sounds

Total Running Time - 2 Hours

Thanks for listening, hope you find some enjoyable music :]

All Tracks taken from releases available on
and those albums are completely free to download, and redistribute.

Keep mp3's free!

download link


# Posted: 16 Oct 2009 13:43

I could say... it's very dirty and noisy. Not pleasant for my personal ears, so I didn't even try to listen to it. Fast forwarding was enough ;-)


# Posted: 6 Nov 2009 10:57 - Edited by: tutik

First of all, a lil' bit critics around this release:
A. Idea to introduce listeners with what net label has done and what is the common conceptual vision is very beautiful, but current tracklist indeed is too long for spending my expensive time to such heavy action;
B. I see the net label has very huge experience - since year 2006 about 90 releases!!! But for properly realizing item [A] and generally warm suggestions - bring up the quality and don't care about quantity;
C. Yes, net label take care about artist's (and of course own) promotion but: 1. it wishes so kicky to introduce the sampler that mainly on all posts put "download link" at the beginning and the end; 2. showing the full track-list, such "famous" names like "Royce Icon" and "Muhmood" does not help me to click "Download All".

About music...
First three tracks have been listened, next four - looked through, next three - listened again and it was enough introduction.
Suddenly I imagine such music can be more welcome if it would have live and loud sound, watching how artist is throwing up between tracks, how audience are absolutely over the moon from it therefore the shit are on the air, but all doors are closed... and windows as well. IMHO this kind of music should have the visualization like the water for fish 'cause with such beat rates and chaos of harmony it is very hard to picture sth in my mind not talking about the dreaming.

Well, music is not very noisome and not very listenable - it is more different and not tame yet. I like the hardhearted d'n'b elements and high "no matter" level with which all is offering. But I don't care as well.


# Posted: 12 Jan 2010 21:48

thanks for the input, obviously as with any genre of music it's not intended for everyone's ears.

the net label specifically is trying to provide free releases that we think are quality.
a sampler is a good way to highlight these, and is much more approachable than say just
downloading 100 different albums. if you only want to check out several names that you already know, no problem, just go to the website and check out their albums for free.

also if it's too harsh at times for you, maybe try listening to it for 20 minutes at a time.

anyway, the idea was really to help artists find fans. and help fans find artists they didn't know about.

i dont see anything wrong with putting up a download link as a main attraction. due to it being a free netlabel that's our main way to give out the music. it's creative commons sharing encouraged, mp3 being the best way to put it out there.
i could attempt to describe every track or even every album, but ultimately genre's fall short of artist's vision and it's up to the listener if they enjoyed or not.

take your time and dig deep. a lot of my favorite bands aren't something i could appreciate the first time listening.

as always thanks for giving the label a listen.

(yea late reply i know, haha)

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