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INQB8R Community / RELEASES / Michael Brückner - Kissing Underneath the Mistletoe
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# Posted: 20 Dec 2008 15:46 - Edited by: INQB8R

Cat.#: INQ007

Michael Brückner - Kissing Underneath the Mistletoe

Be prepared for your very own Christmas: the continuous work we present here is an extract from the seven parts composed by Michael Brückner for his "large-format" project under the moniker "Sequenz+Konsequenz". The project has been established in the era when Michael decided to have a rest and not invest too much time in composing "regular" albums. "S+K" was planned like a musical "blog", more dedicated to developing of the "art of live sequencing", the invention of music completely from scratch using a sequencer. At the beginning Michael intented to work on it each week with no regards to "quality", without having to care for a cover or trying to be "perfect" - but somehow the concept evolved, and the final "mini-albums" became more related to the hidden nature of feelings and moods, showing more musical sides than those already familiar to the regular genre audience.

For INQB8R showcase, we have chosen the best excerpts from "S+K" sessions parts 7, 4 and 3, remastering and mixing them up into a completely fresh atmospheric mood. Enjoy German accuracy of sound and thought, dreaming and remembering your childhood and the best winter times. Let the "7" be your lucky number. Frohe Weihnachten!

Possible Definition: Elechristmas

01/ 7 = 4 + 3.mp3 30:00

Direct label link: oe&out=release

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