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# Posted: 19 Dec 2017 10:18 - Edited by: INQB8R

Cat.#: INQ021

Merciful Whisper - Rhadiola

On INQB8R, we always will be fans of the piano, and we're specially impressed by the new forms of such a giant music world part, trending the classical mix of the academical point of view with the shapes of avantgarde. And we were always looking for release, which would combine a very special piano feelings with the experimental background. And it was a late evening of July 25th 2008, when we first got the message to our inbox which looked like this:

I'm Nikita.
I would like to release on INQB8R.
Can You send me e-mail address on which I can send a link to download compositions?

We have listened to the compositions of Nikita, and immediately decided to take the best of them on board. However there passed years of production, 'cause as always, creating something which is simple, leads to many complications.

In result, this release is the most-developed in the INQB8R history, if we suppose the time consuming, but it's worth it. We have spent 9 years while working it out, and despite of it, we love it at most as well. It's like a sip of good cognac, which only becomes better as older it gets; the same way, the vintage sound of this release absorbed many stages and processes of our lives, and it could be called the best practice of sound experience.

Despite it may look obvious, try to avoid splitting the listening atmosphere into parts... something straight-forward is not the key to the riddle hidden beneath this music. Turn off the lights, look into the window and think about yourself: loneliness and music sometimes could be your best friends. Only following Artur Schnabel, you could find where the art resides.

Possible Definition: Outlines On Air

Rhadiola @ INQB8R:

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