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INQB8R Community / COMMON / Zemfira's choice on EP-only releases
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# Posted: 14 Sep 2011 17:17 - Edited by: MrProlix

You probably don't know too much about the female Russian rock artist Zemfira, but recently she came up with a proclamation I wasn't able to pass. As the Russian newspaper "Arguments and Facts" writes, Zemfira told about her latest album that it will be actually the last. "This is my the very last longplay", she told, "if whenever I release something new, it will be only in EP form. Because working on the full album makes me crazy - lots of processes, lots of breaks. EP gives the possibility to say more, and of course, it makes the time important. Also, modern listeners prefer just to download few tracks and listen to them in their phones or portable players."

Wow! Now it appears, our label's concept starts to roll the shape! :)

Hah, I even found our conversation with Gosh, regarding this concept, posted here in the same forum.

So, the idea of EP-only label - ok, it makes sense, why not, but are you really sure, putting your hand over your heart, that it's so bright, unique and original idea that it would be enough to make your label to really stand out?

Ok, truly saying it may appear not so unique and bright idea, and it's not the idea, it's just the format - but after 3 years of this message, I see now it may really work out :)

EP format makes the time important, for both ends. Time is more important than we may think. As more information comes in, as less time we have for sorting it out.

P.S. About the "last" Zemfira's album - like many other things around this woman, most of them are fake, and this may be fake, too. The album is not even released yet, and Zemfira obviously feels tired to finish it, that's why she says so. Zemfira also is not going to make movies or videos anymore, and appear only live - let's see what happens next!


# Posted: 19 Sep 2011 16:43

Ага, знаю я, как наши делают ЕР, которые ещё нежно называются синглами: одна песня + куча ремиксов на неё :)


# Posted: 20 Sep 2011 13:52

Есть и другой EP-концепт ;)

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