Sweeping Logic  
Sweeping Logic
Sweeping Logic is the pseudonym used by hip-hop/trip-hop producer Eduard Modestow for his downbeat inspired work. He was born in Russia and migrated to Germany when he was 5. Currently he is located in in the vicinity of Wuerzburg.

Focusing on spoken-word samples and experimenting with environmental sounds and songstructures, he creates his very own version of modern psychedelic music. The music itself is based on excessive sampling and songwriting. In contrast to traditional "trip-hop" it does not feature any vocals or lyrics. Instead scraps of conversations are used in a way comparable with Wax Tailor's description: "He uses samples in his music as directors use actors".

The first step into this direction was the Demotape "Headache Laxative" (2007, unsigned) which was very well received on MySpace community. The amount of listeners on last.fm rised from 5 dudes (him and some friends) to 1,500 listeners. Encouraged and inspired by this early success, he produced his new tape "Lucid Side of the Dream" (2008), which is not only gathering some songs of the early production period, but acts as a truely conceptual EP of recreating the tripping psychedelic experience.

myspace: sweeping logic

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Sweeping Logic - Lucid Side Of The Dream
TITLE: Lucid Side Of The Dream
DATE: July 11, 2008
Cat.#: INQ005