Sebo de Tripa  
Sebo de Tripa
"Sebo de Tripa" is the kitchen quartet formed and disbanded in Riga in 2009, yet another collective which did keep itself in the history making a sound trace. The keyword behind the project is "improvising", since its authors deeply believe in the improvised side of happenings as the only true moment of life. Being interested to experiment with sound, the band took the most cheap sound devices there were by hand, and did record their so far the only one full format album for their own label, "Picshit 1". It is probably the sound avantgarde which will never reach the massive audience, because it's definitely a limited edition for a very limited audience, created by limited persons. But when it comes to tellings on how primitive is it, or how deep shit is it, or how simple is it, the band always replies: "Try to repeat it. You won't.".


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Sebo de Tripa - Sc
DATE: January 20, 2010
Cat.#: INQ013