"nitroNote", "ReoR", DJ EasyLife... - and there is only sound designer, composer, producer and DJ - Sandris Gravans standing behind these pseudos.

Sandris was up to DJing since kindergarten years 'till nightclubs across country. That appeared not enough. When he turned 20, in 1998 together with his friend he started "music making" project called "NitroNote". Their debut, "Placid Waves", started the second electronic music wave in Latvia. The album followed with live performances around Latvia and Estonia. When the project was over, Sandis just kept on evolving – in 2000 he recorded his first live ambient tape using only one Yamaha Synthesizer with 4 layers – "Yamaha CS1x", but full of incredibly captivating music which takes you to other worlds. It was the birth of ReoR.

In 2003 Sandris was noticed by some documentary makers and was asked to score the music for documentary "Iluzijas cena" ("Price for Illusion"), and then in 2005 moved to London, where he got addicted to intelligent and liquid drum and bass. That's how DJ EasyLife was born: he started to produce drum and bass tracks & studio mixes. During 2008 he moved back to Riga, the capital of Latvia, dedicating himself mostly to mixing and web presentations.

myspace: mymusicprojects
sg [AT] mymusicprojects (dot) com

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ReoR - Missing Galaxy
TITLE: Missing Galaxy
DATE: July 29, 2010
Cat.#: INQ017