Julien Mier  
Julien Mier
Julien Mier is a young composer coming from Eindhoven, Netherlands, but having deep French roots in the past. Born in 1989, he started to produce music while being just 16 years old, and currently he's a student of the School of Music and Technology in Hilversum, studying the Composition and Music Production, which allows him to use the current wave of the modern technology and to listen to music from another angle of ear. Julien's band members are coffee, cigarettes and bananas, and his inspiration coming not only from the rich list of worldwide music legends, but quite from more regular things, starting from the sea and dunes and continuing even in each tiny little screw of the door. With no regards to his age, Julien already has released two independant EPs, "Natural Scarf" on "Foot Lovers Music" in 2007, and "Soon, Close, Maybe Too Far" on "BumpFoot" in May 2009. Currently, he's often invited to perform live in different electronic cafes of Netherlands.

myspace: Julien Mier

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Julien Mier - Have Courage Funny Thing
TITLE: Have Courage Funny Thing
DATE: October 8, 2009
Cat.#: INQ012