"dmyra" (no Caps, please!), "acrabeth", "Orophin Ancalimon" stand for the monikers of Robert Demes II, the composer coming from Costa Rica, where he enjoys trees, dissolves in Spanish, opens to family and friends and of course, dedicates himself to the Goddess pagan naturalistic music. Robert is a Florida native who has traveled to Latin America for years, living and learning the language, but specially enjoying the culture. Sharing his time and his life between USA, and Costa Rica, he is always going around looking for new places, cultures, and experiences to share with others.

This all expands in his music and philosophical concepts. "We have no art, everything we do is art" - the most important Balinese saying of the present is listed on his "metafor" webpage along with the "Do Nothing" principle regarding how to make our planet nicer. We can't call Robert's expandings in music as "nothing", but they obviously have a potential to save the planet, despite his music may sometimes be heard as illogical. It combines analog guitars and vocals, having deep electronic roots with a tension to constant experiment and research. His works were earlier released on such remarkable net labels as "Clinical Archives" and "Bumpfoot".

myspace: dmyra
dmyra [AT] robertdemes (dot) net

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dmyra - Soul Eyed Sister
TITLE: Soul Eyed Sister
DATE: February 18, 2010
Cat.#: INQ014